SUPREME 10-11" PROTA Full Wig - EMMA


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  • Prota Hair is Supreme’s innovative, new collection of hair extensions, wigs, falls, hairpieces, and braids, made with Ultima Organic Protein.

     *** Prota Hair is made with a natural protein source, very similar to the protein found in human hair.  That’s why Prota looks, feels, and works, just like human hair.

    Benefits of Prota Hair:

    1.  Like human hair you can curl, blow-dry, wash, brush, comb, style, and restore Prota hair.


    1.  Unlike human hair, Prota hair is more affordable and always consistent in quality.Itis the affordable, natural alternative to expensive human hair.


    1.  For sensitive scalps, Prota hair is the best option because it is hypoallergenic and always clean and free from harmful bacteria.


    1.  Less tangling, easy to restore and flame retardant.


    1.  Because Prota hair is made with Ultima Organic Protein, the hair retains moisture so that it is soft and easy to manage.


    1.  By spraying the hair with water and lightly combing through, the unique rebuilding nature of Prota is activated, and is instantly refreshed and restored, just like human hair.



    Prota hair is available in a variety of different styles, textures, lengths, and colors, which makes it easier to find a perfect match to your natural hair. Whether you’re looking to add volume, length, or a splash of color, you can achieve the hair of your dreams with Prota Hair.


    About Supreme Hair

     For many years Supreme Hair has been in the alternative hair business and now is recognized as one of the leading hair suppliers of quality hair products worldwide. With a strong catalog of well sought after hair extensions it is no wonder salon officials worldwide call Supreme Hair when they want to please their clients.