100% Brazilian Natural Remy Hair UHD Lace Wig - Brazilian Curl 22" (BL005)


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    * STYLE:  Brazilian Curl 22"


    Type: 100% Brazilian Hair Natural Remy UHD Lace wig

    Cap Size: May vary slightly by brand

    Average - Circumference 21.5"
    Ear To Ear 13.5"
    Front To Back 14.25"

    Manufactured by: HARLEM 125 


    • 100% Brazilian Remy Hair 
    • Tangle Free
    • Able to DYE, PERM, BLEACH

    Brazilian Remy Hair is the most sought after type of hair product in the market.
    It is naturally compatible with many hair types because of its softness and durability.
    Our Brazilian Remy Hair is selected directly from donors and has not been chemically treated. 

    Washing Instruction: 

    • Gently use your fingers of a pick to untangle any knots prior to washing.
    • Recommended cool or warm water. 
    • Gently wash with a mild shampoo. – Do not rub or twist the hair. 
    • Rinse thoroughly with hair conditioner.
    • Allow the towel to absorb moisture and dry naturally. – Avoid rubbing the towel through hair to dry.
    • Wash only as often as you need to. – This will prolong the life of your wig
    • Avoid twisting/wringing/squeezing.